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sandblasting services in el paso texas

The Benefits of Sandblasting Services in El Paso

As one of the most effective methods of cleaning and maintaining surfaces, sandblasting is a great option for homes and businesses. In addition to being El Paso’s premiere concrete contractor, Bomanite Artistic Concrete also offers this service to the Southwest. Through this method, many surfaces can return to a looking brand new!

Your El Paso Sandblasting Team

Bomanite Artistic Concrete understands the importance of providing efficient, environmentally friendly services. For this reason, we proudly offer sandblasting services to El Paso and the Southwest. This process offers many benefits, all at an affordable cost. The end result will be a clean surface, ready to take on whatever else comes its way. Whether you require this service for residential or commercial means, Bomanite Artistic Concrete can help.

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How Sandblasting Works

The act of sandblasting is exactly how it sounds. Fine grains of sand are shot out at very high speeds from the sandblaster nozzle, striking the object that’s being cleaned. This process can remove rust, residue, and many more impurities from machinery or pieces of equipment, allowing them to work and look as they did when they were new.

In addition to cleaning equipment, sandblasting services can be an effective means to prime surfaces for painting. In fact, this process can get rid of layers of old paint, rust, and other materials that may reside atop a surface. Once the sandblasting is complete, the surface will be prepared and ready to be painted over. These are just a few of the most common uses for sandblasting. Instead of spending hours cleaning a piece of machinery or buying a completely new one, simply have it sandblasted!

The Many Benefits of Sandblasting

As a service, sandblasting is the quickest, most efficient way of cleaning all types of surfaces. Since the sand is powerfully abrasive and it’s shot out at high speeds, cleaning jobs take much less time than other alternatives. Where these other methods take hours to work, sandblasting takes only a few minutes and yields must better results.

Mainly using sand makes this process a more environmentally friendly option. Other options rely on harsh chemicals to break down rust, but sand simply erodes the impurities from surfaces. Once the surface is sandblasted, it will look as it once did when it was brand new. No other means can promise that result. Other processes may be too harsh, leading to more substantial wear on the surface.

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