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A patented process of imbedding and fully adhering materials and concrete together in a patented concrete matrix to produce dramatic concrete paving. Lithocrete paving is superior to veneer-type paving finishes such as granite, slate, tile, brick, and terrazzo because Lithocrete consists of a single, structural monolithic pour. Delamination of the paving surface is does not occur with Lithocrete. Lithocrete is structural concrete and is not merely a topping. Common problems of exterior toppings results from irrigation and/or ground water, which typically seeks horizontal joints between topping and structural slabs and in a short time can cause delamination. This will not happen with Lithocrete.

Glass Lithocrete

Lithocrete's heat-fractured glass aggregate product line is ideal for projects that require the use of recycled materials. Recycled glass provides a wide range of colors not typically found with other paving materials, such as bright blues, yellows, and red. None of the glass aggregate colors will fade under sunlight; they naturally reflect light and have less heat absorption.

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Color Consistency

Matching new add-on work is performed seamlessly using Lithocrete. Most of the standard series Lithocrete aggregates are from quarries that have good, long-term consistency characteristics. Projects installed more than 10 years ago using Lithocrete paving can be matched almost perfectly today.

Strenght and Veresatility

Lithocrete is a patented architectural concrete paving system that utilizes the structural properties of reinforced concrete, combined with the aesthetic quality of surface-seeded select aggregates.

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