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Stamped concrete

Bomanite Imprint Systems, the original cast-in-place architectural concrete for more than five decades, is still the finest custom paving and flooring product in its class. But it is far more than just imprinted concrete. Far more than an innovative process. It is an expression of lifestyle. Of imagination. Of art.

Bomanite Imprint Systems integrate both personality and product, crafting solutions to bring your ideas to life rather than forcing your ideas to conform to a limited product line.

What Makes Us Different?

Our systems begin with people. From the property owners and designers who possess the vision, to the trained technicians who manufacture the tools and materials, to the licensed craftsmen who perform the installation. Bomanite Imprint Systems are driven as much by quality people as by our quality product. All Bomanite Imprint Franchise Partners receive the most extensive technical education program in the industry. And it shows in every installation a reflection of the longstanding Bomanite tradition of innovation, service and expertise.

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Beyond The Back Yard

If you think imprinted concrete is just for residential applications like pool decks, patios, walkways and entries? Think again. Rugged, longlasting Bomanite Imprint Systems are also ideal for commercial and municipal applications. They hold up under heavy traffic, they can add extraordinary beauty to an ordinary public thoroughfare.

Different Styles of concrete

Bomanite Imprint Systems offer two unique styles of cast-in-place architectural concrete. Choose from Bomanite or Bomacron, both used in a wide variety of applications to upgrade plain concrete or asphalt, or alternatively reduce the cost of installing natural materials such as slate or granite.

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