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How to Create a Beautiful Backyard With Low Maintenance

There’s that one person with the gorgeous backyard we envy for a moment but then think, “Well, they must spend a lot of time maintaining it.” We often assume that beauty equals time and while that may be true in some situations, in others, there are options to cut back on time without sacrificing quality. Given that a home’s backyard tends to get neglected because of a lack of time, we thought it would be worth exploring how you can have the best of worlds: a beautiful backyard with low maintenance. By applying these ideas, you’ll be that person who others envy, giving you the opportunity to explain how you made it possible!  

Outdoor Privacy Screens

backyard wall


Many homeowners don’t spend time in their backyards because of a lack of privacy. With short walls, it’s discouraging to retreat to an area that is easily visible to your neighbors. But there’s a solution to this common problem! With the addition of outdoor privacy screens, you’ll have needed privacy as well as more protection from the sun.

Stamped Concrete Floors and a Section With Grass

stamped concrete

One thing that most aesthetically pleasing backyards have in common is stamped concrete flooring and grass. Once you cover up the dirt in your backyard, you’ll notice how much more appealing it looks. If you’re not fully committed to maintaining grass, consider a small section with grass. Even a small area of grass makes a difference. When it comes to concrete floors, you can’t go wrong with stained concrete. It creates a space where you can add an outdoor dining area with an umbrella in the center.  

String Lights

outdoor string lights

Decorating your backyard is like putting the finishing touches on a cake. It tends to be what everyone notices and what gets the conversations going. From plants in colorful vases to an outdoor rug with character, and the throw pillows that give you comfort, all of these added features make a backyard truly come to life. Adding a string of lights across your patio or back porch is like the cherry on top. Strong lights liven up the area and give reason to take the party outdoors. Once you add lights, you can keep them up year round.  

Explore Other Ideas By Contacting Bomanite Artistic Concrete & Pools

Outdoor living has so many benefits! It’s much more than watering the grass and throwing a few rocks to cover dirt. It’s about creating a space for yourself, your family, and your friends. We lead busy lives so it’s natural to forget to enjoy what we work so hard for. By having a backyard you’re proud to show off, you’ll find that the maintenance needed feels more like a fun pastime than work. Most importantly, you’ll have a space that makes you look forward to going home after a long, busy day of being indoors. Contact us today to transform your backyard.

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